A Quickie before a Night on the Town

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A Quickie before a Night on the Town

Post  Maverick on Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:26 pm

--Maverick is seen gathering up his belongings before the show even starts--

Tracy: Erik, what are you doing?

Maverick: The powers that be have given me the night off, and I'm off every night until the pay per view.

Tracy: But I heard that Scratch has to do all the house shows until the Pay Per View. This hardly seems fair.

Maverick: I'm not the expert on what fair is. In fact I don't care about fair. Here is what I know. I know I'm going to fight Scratch at the Pay per view. I know it's going to be a brutal match. I also KNOW you think it's going to be easy since I laid down for you last week so I would be well rested to help hagaki. Let me tell you Scratch I'm going to hurt you, and you are going to hurt me. We will share pain and likely mingle blood, but I will put you and the coven down for good. Maybe we'll get three caskets and have three re-enactments of Cyn's Viking Funeral.

Tracy: Thats...That...s horrible...

Maverick: I'm not sweet that's your job. I'm an enforcer, and I enforce. Have a nice night, and be sure to tell Scratch I said break a leg.

--Maverick throws his gym bag over his shoulder and leaves the arena.--


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Re: A Quickie before a Night on the Town

Post  Scratch on Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:45 am

--Scratch steps out of the shadows from around the corner, smiling a crooked half smile--

Scratch(in a low gravely voice): Wiener on a stick, I'm just like you, but so much more. I'm just an enforcer too! So any time, any where, any way! Ya want a last breath match, ya got it! Ya want a burned alive match, ya bring the gas and I'll bring the matches,... I'll let ya pick. I've spent several life times looking for the one who can but me down for the final count. Ya mite be it, but I just don't see it! And break a leg, sure will and a few ribs and maybe even a wing or too! Now that sounds like fun! And Pronto, tell your boys, especially your Master, the end is coming!...... Tracy, make sure he hears all about this. Thanks darlin'.

--Scratch walks away chuckling--

Scratch(turning back for a moment): To bad he was in such hurry ta get out of here. I could a finished this right here, right now.

--Scratch walks away, smiling a crooked half smile, chuckling, lighting matches and throwing them to the floor--


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