A new superstar in town

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A new superstar in town

Post  james201988 on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:58 am

Tracy-- We are here with the newest superstar for CWW.

James --What are you doing give me that mic and get out of my face!

-- camrea zooms out to show james standing tall, While the crowd boo's loud !! --

James-- I was brought here to win matches and destroy my oppenets not to make friends. You people will realize that im the best and you need to respect me . If I dont get the respect i desrive every week i will put my oppenet out of wrestling .

-- crowd boo's him again--

-- the camrea zooms in to show the evil smile of the people booing him.--

James-- I just want to say I apoligize now for when I put my oppenent in the hospital. And for the pain and suffering his family will feel when he no longer has a paycheck.

--camrea zooms out as james looks up and sighs and then he looks back at the camrea.--

James-- I'm done wasting my time talking to you fans .

--as james drops the mic and walks away the camrea zooms out and watches him leave .--


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