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Goal for the night. Empty Goal for the night.

Post  Maverick on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:33 am

--Maverick is seen leaving a locker room with an eye on the door and is stopped by Tracy.--

Tracy: Maverick! I'm sure you saw Scratches comments. What do you think of them.

Maverick: You mean those few words over the loud speaker? That hick speak? Honestly I am not afraid of Scratch. He and I bump heads quite a bit. Sometimes I let him win other times I give him a Type O Negative.

Tracy: So you are saying you don't care about your opponent or your match tonight?

Maverick: You see in life men of few words are dangerous people, but not in wrestling. In wrestling men of few words aren't clever enough to be dangerous. No tonight isn't about me, or Scratch. Tonight is about Hagaki and Wishmaster and The newest piece of gold in Chaotic Wave Wrestling. If that means I throw my match that's just what it takes to take the gold for the powers that be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to go to.

--Maverick scrapes by Tracy purposefully brushing against Tracy, and stops to turn around for one last quip.--

Maverick: One of these days though Scratch you won't be able to escape me, and not even Alexis the women who wants to have your puppies will be able to recognize your hick ass.

--Maverick walks away and Tracy seems to have met the devil in Mavericks eyes.--


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