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Post  The Freak on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:50 pm

-- The camera fades in and shows the big parking lot under the arena, pointing out some of the gorgeous and filthiest limousines, which might be owned by some of the greatest wrestlers in this business. --

-- Then the camera turns to the entrance where an old, small van rides into the parking lot. It is full of graffiti with a bumper sticker on the rear end that says “ass, gas or grass! nobody rides for free!”. Loud hardcore music bangs out of the cockpit and the van stops. --

-- The driver’s door opens and a skateboard is thrown on the floor. This impact echoes through the lot. A man with black cargo baggies, a black t-shirt and long, red dread locks jumps out of the van onto the board, kicks and starts to get momentum while slamming the car door. --

-- Followed by the camera he skates some time through the car park performing little tricks, enjoying the music. Afterwards he pauses for a moment. --

The Freak: Time to leave a mark…..an’ set a choice!

-- With these words he pulls a card game out of his pocket and while making happy humming noises he shares out randomly the different, blind cards behind the windshield wipers of the parking cars. --

The Freak: So…work’s done….. Time t’play wid de big boys! We will see, which one is my queen of hearts…..and who’s my ace of spades, mes amies!

-- A smirk arises on Ryan Thornes face. He grabs his deck and walks towards the arena entrance.

-- The camera fades. --
The Freak
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