Mutantor meets "The Freak"

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Mutantor meets "The Freak" Empty Mutantor meets "The Freak"

Post  Mutantor on Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:10 pm

-- Jacquilin is standing in the parking lot, next to Mutantor --
-- In the background you can see "The Freak" Ryan Thorne from Venom enter the parking lot, with his skateboard in his hands, wearing

Jacquilin: Hello Fans. We just managed to get a hold on Mutantor for an interview.
Mutantor: --sounding like a deathmetalsinger who ate too many nails-- GrrROOOAARRRrrrr
--As the interview goes on "The Freak" starts to skate in the background, performing some little skate tricks.--
Jacquilin: Well, you do not look happy at all after you have lost against PowerthirstMan last week. What do you think about your upcoming Tag-Team match? PowerthirstMan on the other side and with Asteroth and Korenwolf two experienced Stars are also in the Ring. Will...
Mutantor: -- shouting -- I WIIIIILLL HAVE MY REVEEENGE ! WE wiiill ...
At this very moment Ryan tries a wallride he loses slightly control and crashes right into a parked bike. --
-- Mutantor turns his head and his Face darkens --
Mutantor: F*BEEP* !
-- Rushes off towards the Skater --
Mutantor: -- shouting -- My Biiike! I KILL you ! *
Jacquilin: --whispers-- Keep the camera on them !
-- The camera shakes and follows. Mutantor examines the bike closely. --
The Freak: What's up, man? -- taking off his earphones -- I'm sorry, it was jus' a lil' crash, nothin' happend, ok? Why are you
so p*ssed about it? You should more worry about my smart legs an' dat nothin' is broken or somethin'...
Mutantor: The Flaame-Airbruusch is braaandnew !
Mutantor: -- grabs Ryans' Skateboard and SMASHES it hard enough on a nearby pillar that it breaks in half.--
The Freak: -- jumps a step back --
What de f*ck are you doin' you frickin' fat*ss?! You dumb jack*ss! Dat was my best deck! Dere was nothin' with your crappy bike, ok?
Jacquilin: Please Guys ...
Mutantor: You Doogmeat! You Veenom Maaggots aall think you OOWN this Federation doon't you ?
The Freak: What has Venom to do wid it? If dere would be jus' ONE lil' brain cell in your jabroni-big-head.... Ah, what am I sayin'... Dis is jus' about you an' me! But now it's clear, my eyes are open! Now I know why you got your contract as misguided KingKong-experiment at Chaos, it complaines everything! May de simple-minded be blessed... -- winks --
-- Mutantor pushes Ryan some steps backwards. --
-- The GM Zolea Vipper steps into the field of vision and speaks up --
Zolea Vipper : Guys, don't waist your energy here. Do it in the Ring ! You two will have a Chaos VS Venom match on the next PPV !
The Freak: Make it Hardcore !
Mutantor: Make it Bloodyyyy !
-- The wrestlers stare at each other with fire in their eyes.--
Zolea Vipper :: Okay, how about a barbed wire match ? No Ropes, just barbed wire instead !
Mutantor: -- with an evil grin -- Hellyeah !
The Freak: ...if it would be possible BURNING barbed wire! F*ck yeah! Let's rock!
-- The camera fades out. --

Jessica : Oh my god, this will be useless bloodshed. Who wants to see all this violent matches ?
Adam : ME ! Definitely !

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