Asteroths Visit to a Sick Friend

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Asteroths Visit to a Sick Friend

Post  asteroth123 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:09 am

The Camera Feeds brings up the view of St. John's Memorial Hospital With Jacquilyn voice coming over the speaker system of the arena

"Due to the horrific events between Our benevolent GM Zolea Vipper and Asteroth, Zolea will not be joining us tonight, currently he is in what the doctors have told us is critical condition with a severe concussion, major blood loss and internal injuries, we here at Chaos Wave Wrestling will give you an indepth look into Zoleas recovery process as we show you his current condition, I must warn you all however the condition he is in may shock or disturb some of you, so any that are faint of heart should probably use this as an opportune time to use the washroom"

The Camera is shown moving down the hallway towards a room at the end of the corridor

A commotion is heard to the right

The camera pans to the right showing Asteroth in a fine suit, holding a bouquet of flowers, completely out of character for him, with a man knocked out cold on the floor with a few flowers still firmly grasped in his hand

Asteroth smooths his long hair back and puts it into a pony tail and in the least menacing and almost cheerful manner walks towards Zolea's room

A nurse runs up "Sir!, I'm afraid you can't go in there."

Asteroth turns and walks up to the woman, smiling:"Of course I can, He is such a dear friends of mine and I wish to pay my.......respects"

The nurse clearly rattled by Asteroths menacing presence yet genial attitude acquiesces and walks the other way at a quick pace

Asteroth:"Where was I, oh yes..."

Asteroth reaches Zoleas room and walks injust past the doorway, the camera right behind him, revealing an empty bed with no sign of Zolea in sight, the sounds of the machines still audible as if they were just disconnected.


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Re: Asteroths Visit to a Sick Friend

Post  Zolea Vipper on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:23 am

--Asteroth strolls into the room and notices the window is open--

Asteroth: We're on the second floor. A man in his condition shouldn't be jumping out windows...

--From behind a yell is heard--

Zolea: CLEAR!!!

--Asteroth spins around but it is too late. A pair of difibulators press into the sides of Asteroths neck. The electric pulse sending Asteroth crashing into a wall.--

Zolea: Security get him out of here. He has a spotlight match against Korenwolf tonight!

--Security comes in and helps Asteroth up as Zolea puts the nodes back on his body and climbs back into his bed.--

Zolea: Oh, Asteroth good luck!

--camera fades out--
Zolea Vipper
Zolea Vipper

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