Drink WHAT ?!

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Drink WHAT ?!

Post  Mutantor on Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:52 am

Jessica : We just got some footage handed by our apprentice. Let's have a look.

-- A video feed starts with a shaking camera. As the camera focuses, Mutantor is seen standing behind a table. --
unknown female voice : This presentation has been hijacked by Mutantor and paid for by the devil.
-- Mutantor holds up a picture. --
unknown female voice : This is Powerthirstman. He is a tough and strong wrestler.
-- Mutantor nods towards the camera and puts the picture onto the table. --
unknown female voice : And this the drink he tries to sell.
-- Mutantor holds up a can of Powerthirst, and takes a sip.
His face twists in disgust and he spits the liquid onto the table.
After a second of hesitation he slams his fist onto the picture.
Then he pushes over the table growling in anger, and starts hitting the broken table with a chair which stood behind it. --
Mutantor : Rrrrroooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh !
unknown female voice : And this is why you -for the love of your tables- should not buy this chemistry experiment.
-- Roaring loudly Mutantor leaves the scene. --
unknown female voice : Hey wait, what about the VIP backstage pass you promised ?
-- The feed is turned off --
Adam: Haha, some fans believe everything the wrestlers are telling them.

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(too lazy to make a second account for powerthirstman so will post with my asteroths account)

Post  asteroth123 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:39 am

Powerthirst is seen walking through the parking garage, he walks into the back where the locker rooms are and see mutantors tirade on the tv

:"guess some ppl cant handle there energy drinks, pansy"

Powerthirst proceeds to open up four 62oz cans of POWERTHIRST EXXXXTREME ENERGY CONCENTRATE
and down them in quick succession
"This stuffs not bad. hey the warnings on there for all the pansies who cant handle....
(the muscles on Powerthirstman visibly and almost audibly bulge, the veins twitching, the muscles partially convulsing then releasing, within moments he looks twice as cut as he was before)

With that powerthirst man run staight THROUGH a door, a soundcheck guy, a table filled with food and a wall

(think Ultimate Warrior on his arm pumping tirade)


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