a lot of rage to be released

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a lot of rage to be released Empty a lot of rage to be released

Post  james201988 on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:29 am

Camera--Show's Tracy standing in the middle of the ring with a mic.

Tracey- Ladies and gentlemen, tonite i will finally beable to interview James since his first match
here on vemon.

Camera-Music hits and James comes out while pyro hits and then walks to the ring looking
around with an evil look .

Tracey- James we all no you hate losing so how are u taking this two loss streak you are
on .

James --Well Tracey I'm handling it just fine. Lets see i lost my second match here on vemon to a new guy fine luck chance he won . Then i get knocked out cold even better im doing just fine.

Tracey- Well thats good to hear maybe you are turning over a new leaf .

James-- Tracey are you dumb or just stupid . Im going nuts over this I mean how in the world do I lose come on look at me I am perfect in all kinds of ways . But I hear that I another new guy this week and I will not be made a fool of again . So I hope you are ready for when you step in this ring with me I got a lot of rage stored up and im going let it out on you .

Tracey- well thats

James- Did I tell you I was done talking dont you ever talk while im speaking you need to learn who you are with and now you know why i dont ever do this interview crap for you and are as bad as these fans . there always like can we have an picture . Yes you can if you pay for them go to the store and get one I like greatness and I cant be touched by you peasents . You no what im done here I got things to take care of .

Camera-- music hits and shows james leaving and goin to the back .


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