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Post  Mutantor on Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:33 pm

Name: Mutantor
Align : Heel
Birthplace: Unknown
Size: 6.4 Foot
Weight: 270 Pounds
Catch-phrase: Rrroooaaarrr
Personality: Tall, muscular, sick grey-greenish skintone and long black hair. Growls more than he talks, seems a bit slow and looks more like a Zombie than a human. Only in the ring he shows some emotion : a feverish glow in his eyes and sometimes an insane grin.
Biography: According to a now dead Reporter (car accident) he was part of an experiment to create "Super-Soldiers", which failed and let to the extinction of the lab and a small village nearby. Homelessly wandering around he saw a Wrestling match on a public screen while searching the trash for food (he can eat anything without getting sick). As he saw the Fans cheering while somebody beat someone else up, he entered a wrestling school, growled loudly, signed and started beating people.
Dressed : Usually military Boots, black leather trousers with a Chain around his hips (instead of a belt). Outside the ring also wearing a black leather jacket (usually jacket is left backstage). In the ring he has also wears 3 times the red digit "6" on his chest. Last but not least darkgreen bracers.

Infection Of Doom - Jump with both feet on opponent's chest
Me Eat Your Braiiiin - Crack opponents skull with a piledriver-like move
Mutant Bobardment - Smash opponents head on the Mat


just imagine the thorns/horns away and the red beeing green


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