The wishmasters gimmick!

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The wishmasters gimmick!

Post  wishmaster on Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:06 pm

Name: The Wishmaster

Alignment: Face



Fighting style: Balanced

Finisher #1 The Paralyzer 14,82 - 22,22
the wishmaster puts his hand on the opponents neck
and starts to push on the nerves of the opponents executing a devastating The Paralyzer

Finisher #2 Devils Paycheck 158,63 - 237,91
the wishmaster get's to the to the top turnbuckle and jumpsoff it
crushing the opponents chest with booth feet executing a devastating Devils Paycheck

Home Town: A small village up in the Rocky Mountains!

Description: Very athletic, an all around guy with good speed, lot's of strenght and realy good endurance!

Bio: The wishmaster is a former World,Olympic, X-Games and other event champion in snowboarding. He was a wunderkind in snowboarding world, he was on the top, but his thurst for adventure got him big problems so he had to quit snowboarding an even spent some time in jail. While in jail he found his passion in wrestling an now this is everything he want's to do. some people are curious why he always has a snowbord with him, the snowboard is like a little thing from past and sometimes it comes in use when someone needs to learn a lesson!

Picture: will post it later .

Entrance Video:

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