Erik Maverick's Gimmick

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Erik Maverick's Gimmick

Post  Maverick on Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:01 am

Name: Erik Maverick

Alignment: heel and face

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245lbs

Fighting style: Strength

Finisher #1 Protodriver-Damage: 238,04 - 317,38
Erik "the prototype" Maverick runs into the opponent with a punch to the gut and pulls the opponent s head between his legs
and poses before doing a back flip piledriver executing a devastating Protodriver

Finisher #2 To The Moon-Damage: 257,08 - 274,2
Erik "the prototype" Maverick pulls the opponents head between his legs and points to the moon then lifts him up into the air into a power bomb position
and grips the opponents tights lifting him high above his head and brings him crashing down face first executing a devastating To The Moon

Finisher #3 Type O Negative-Damage: 339,95 - 339,95
Erik "the prototype" Maverick lifts the opponent up in a verticle suplex holding the opponent there with all of his might
and brings him crashing down in an inverted piledriver landing on his knees while the opponent lands on their head executing a devastating Type O Negative

Home Town: Phoenix, Arizona

Description: Standing at 6'3" wearing a lucha libre type costume (not for long) he is built decently, but not obscenely thick. His strength is freakish in comparison to his size.

Bio: Joined Chaotic Wave Wrestling straight out of wrestling school, but felt under used and under appreciated. He left CWW after a month of employment and was quickly contracted by a european federation that taught him he wasn't a complete wrestler. In all actuality he was a shoddy wrestler at best, and they fired him after yet another month. After the second federation failure Erik traveled from Japan to England and then finally to Canada and Mexico to learn from wrestling schools in all of these area's. In Japan he learned how to take a hit and build up his stamina. In England he learned how to brawl with the best of them. In Canada he learned he wasn't any good at executing submission holds, but became quite capable of escaping the holds he was placed in. In Mexico he learned to use his intuition to anticipate attacks and built up his speed so that he could dodge the attacks of his opponents. Then he went back to Zolea Vipper and asked for another chance and was given the chance, and now he is aligned with people who understand what excellence is about. CWW will soon understand why he was once known as the prototype.

Picture: new picture is in the works

Entrance Video: Looking for a new video too.


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