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New Year Brutality PPV Card Empty New Year Brutality PPV Card

Post  Zolea Vipper on Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:27 pm

Main Event: Fatal Four way New Year's Baby World Title Match.
Rules: Fatal Fourway rules apply with a stipulation the loser (the man/woman pinned) wears the "new years baby" diaper for the season. They stop wearing the diaper when they win a match the loser of that match will hold the diaper and so on. Here is how everyone will know, your rps will have the diaper inserted into it which is a picture our vgm Masque went through severe mental trauma to obtain.
Competitors: Korenwolf vs Souless vs Saint Pierce vs Masque.

Tag Title Match: The Rivals vs Scotty Franhise & SleepMaster

The Chaotic Title Match: Scratch vs The Bish.

Three Stages of Hell Match: Zolea Vipper vs Asteroth
First stage: Flaming Table Match
Second Stage: Ladders, Chairs, Electrocution?
Third Stage: Cell Match. Bars not chain link.

New Years Contenders four way Ladder Match. Simular to the feast or fired match, but none will be fired. Three cases three title shots world, chaos and tag shots. The contenders are. The Wishmaster vs Pauk-O vs Maverick vs Hagaki.

Battle of the shows,

Hardcore Match,
The Power vs Tragedy Reigns

Finisher Match,
Ryan Thorne vs Mephisto
Zolea Vipper
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