Satin's Gimmick

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Satin's Gimmick

Post  Satin on Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:37 pm

Name: Satin

Alignment: Bitch


Weight: fuck if I'm telling

Fighting style: Ie: Resistance

Finisher #1 Satin whispers in her stunned opponents ear while placing her hands upon the opponent 's neck
and jumping into the air driving both her knees into her opponents face and rides their chest to the ground executing a devastating Cruel Embrace

Finisher #2 Satin runs at the opponent throwing up her right leg but misses and is caught by her opponent with her right leg over their left shouler
but she smiles sweetly at them as she brings her left knee crashing into the side or their skull executing a devastating Lasting Sorrow

Finisher #3 Satin pulls her opponent from the turn buckle and twists both of the opponent 's arms behind their back and climbs to the top turn buckle
and jumps off riding her opponent to the ground purposefully stomping on the back of their head after impact executing a devastating Satin Crush

Home Town: Currently residing in San Francisco

Description: Small but tough as nails red head.

Bio: Satin was born and grew up as a bitch. She met CV Boy at a concert sold him some home grown stuff and was quickly taken into his stables fold. Now she is going good with the crew known as the faith.


Entrance music: Get Stoned by Hinder


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Re: Satin's Gimmick

Post  Souless on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:39 am

I think i'm i love.... lmao


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