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Post  Cyn on Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:43 pm

(You see Jaquilin running in the back with a microphone in hand)

Jaquilin: Cyn! Cyn! What are you doing here? Have you been drafted to our show? Where is tragedy?

Cyn: (with a smile he replies) Tragedy is getting ready for my personal victory party. (he continues walking)

Jaquilin: (looking obviously confused) Victory for what?

Cyn: (stops and looks back still with a smile) What's your name again my dear?

Jaquilin: (caught offguard by the kindness) Jaquilin

Cyn: Well... Jackie.... if I was to tell you all my secrets, then what would be the point in watching the carnage unfold? Just sit back and enjoy the destruction. (continues walking)

Jaquilin: (grabs Cyn's arm stoping him) Destruction of who?

Cyn: (Obviously no longer amused by the cute girl and her questions) You are testing my patient woman and the answer will be you if you touch me again. (Jaquilin quickly releases her grasp) You'd like to know who my next victiom will be and I'm sure they would too. Lets just say it's no small task, but to be a leader you must succum to tests, tests from the demons who've been locked away. (looking into the camera with obvious anger in his eyes) Well I'm one of those demons you've failed to lock up and I have the key to your cage. Soon enough those who have been cursed to walk in your shadow shall stand above you with fire in their eyes and blood on their hands. We shall lick our fingers with satisfaction and prove to all that the darkness that surrounds our beings are meant to be feared.

Jaquilin: (quietly asking) Cyn....(pause) whats this key?

Cyn: (Cyn gives a very sinister smirk) Wrath.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a cage to unlock.
(Cyn calmly walks away)

Jaquilin: (With a worried look on her face she stares at Cyn walking away, speechless)
(Camera Fades)


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