Aftermath From the first show

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Aftermath From the first show Empty Aftermath From the first show

Post  Pauk-O on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:30 am

Jaquilin: i am once again standing here with pauk-O. Pauk-O, what happened last week? You talked such big game and were turned into a blood fountain by jigsaw. care to explain?

Pauk-O: I'm not going to sit here and make excuses. The GM definately knows how to take a man out of his element. if i had know that was the match i was going to be in, i might have done better. but a spotlight match? no sound at all? i need a crowd to hype me up and let me know i'm doing my job. it was a lovely little twist for my first match, but don't worry, i won't make the same mistake again.

Jaquilin: so what are you going to do now? losing last week definately hurt your contention for the anarchy title, so whats next for the Saint of All Killers?

Pauk-O: well, my next goal is the same as my first. jigsaw can't be allowed to continue his cowardly ways. and now that i know what he's capable of, i'm not going to hold anything back. everytime you look into a mirror jigsaw, make sure i'm not standing behind you. everytime you "think you hear something," duck and cover. even if you don't see me, trust me, i'm there. i'm going to make you tap a hole in the ring. your screams will echo until i win the anarchy title. if you won't tap, i'll break your arm. if you still won't tap, i'll tear your arm off!!! the Angel of Vengence is pissed, and coming for YOU!!! And when you're staring up at the rafters, wondering who you are and how you got here, you will know why they call me the Saint of All Killers, when you look back at your own BLOODY MURDER!!!

Pauk-O walks away

Jaquilin: Okay...big talk from the Saint of All Killers...lets see how this plays out. back to you adam and jess...

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Aftermath From the first show Empty Backstage

Post  masque on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:40 pm

(hope this is the right place to put this. I assumed with it being an aftermath of the first show post, that it would fit in here)

Jaquilin: We're backstage with one of CWW's newest members, and one of the winners of our first show. So, Masque, how was it out there?

*the camera pans slightly to show Masque watching one of the backstage TV's, replaying his earlier fight. Pausing the playback, he turns to face the camera, his silver eyes glittering*

Masque: It was a tough match, and just what I'd hoped for in an opening match here.

Jaquilin: So what can the CWW fans expect from you in the future?

Masque: More of the same, Jaqui. I'm here for a reason, after all.

Jaquilin: And what reason is that?

Masque: I am here to become the strongest I can, before the End comes.

Jaquilin: (confused) The end?

Masque: (calmly) Yes. The End. When the end of the world comes, it will only be the strongest that survive?

Jaquilin: *looks around as though thinking that she's interviewing the wrong person* oookay then. Well... umm ... so how do you feel about the upcoming draft?

Masque: It won't matter where I am, Jaqui, the End will come either way. And when it does, I will still be here. Each match, win or lose, makes me stronger. Makes me tougher. And I assure you, I WILL be standing here when all that is left of this world is ash, and ruin.

*the cameraman starts backing away, with Jaquilin taking a step back from the, obviously slightly insane man*

Masque: Only the strongest will survive.

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