Zolea Vipper's Gimmick

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Zolea Vipper's Gimmick

Post  Zolea Vipper on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:51 am

Name: Zolea Vipper

Alignment: Face/Neutral

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 223 lbs.

Fighting style: Technique

Finisher #1: The Vipper
Description: Zolea Vipper performs a devestating last rites on the opponent
and grabs his legs tucking the opponents ankle into his knee pit before sitting down on the other leg and snapping in crossface type manuever on the opponent executing a devastating Vipper!

Finisher#2: The Cradle of Anxiety
Description: Zolea Vipper knocks the opponent to the ground face first He grabs the opponents legs and sits down
wrapping his legs around the opponents head then crosses the opponents legs before rolling over executing a devastating The Cradle Of Anxiety!

HomeTown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: Standing at 5'11" and weighing 223lbs Zolea is not an imposing character. He wears black baggy pants and a wife beater dirty white shirt. Atop his head he wears a Cowboy hat old and beaten up.

Bio: Zolea grew up in North Las Vegas amongst the slums. He was in and out of MontaVista mental facility for most of his life due to satomasochistic tendencies and schitzophrenia. At fifteen he escaped and hid amongst the throngs of homeless people that dwelled near the 2-15 free way. There he met a man who was once a top athlete in the local wrestling scene before it went under. The man taught Zolea everything he knew, and when he had learnt everything he could Zolea moved across the U.S.A a little at a time doing a fight here and there for cash under the table until he turned 21 when he met a man that would change his life forever. Rob Bailey took Zolea under his wing and brought him into the fight club federation where Zolea learned more and honed his current skills. Until the federation was bought out by a man named Travis Baker. Travis dismantled and sold The Fight Club Federation leaving it's wrestlers to fend for themselves. Zolea bounced around from federation to federation finally giving up and renting an apartment in his home town of Las Vegas; when out of the blue Zolea recieved a phone call and a package. In the package was money, and on the phone was a man that wishes to remain anonymous. He gave Zolea an offer he couldn't refuse and now Zolea is the gm of The Chaotic Wave Wrestling Federation. With his federation falling into Chaos and the man he viewed as the figure head of the Anarchistic behavior Asteroth became Zolea's target. Zolea and Asteroth Battled at New Years Brutality in a three stages of hell match, but failed to over power the younger competitor. Zolea is now in the hospital as a new threat is looming in on his federation. The Illuminati. Unable to nip the problem in the bud from his hospital bed he has to watch as they make their bid to gain power and influence in the federation. Zolea is set to make a full recovery, but will he recover in time?

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Zolea Vipper
Zolea Vipper

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