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Cyn's Gimmick

Post  Cyn on Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:40 am

Name: Cyn

Alignment: Any but starting Heel

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225 lbs.

Fighting style: Speed

Finisher #1: Deadly Sin
Description: "Cyn lifts the opponent onto his right shoulder leaving the opponents head behind him and underneath his left arm and then he runs up the turnbuckle and falls backwards slamming the back of the opponents head into the mat executing a devastating Deadly Sin" -The basic idea is BamBam Bigalows finisher "Greetings from Ashbury Park" but instead of picking him up and droping, Cyn picks up the person then runs up the turnbuckles and drops from higher up.

Finisher#2: Cyn-sation
Description: "Cyn runs towards the opponent lifting his knee into the opponents gut, the opponent doubles over in pain. He follows that by lifting the opponent into a wheel-barrel position, spinning a half turn and slamming the opponent, face first, into the mat. He follows that with a pin executing a devastating Cyn-sation" -The idea is simple, it's a reverse electric chair drop with a half spin during execution and a running knee to start the move.

Finisher#3: Flow of Repentance
Description: "Cyn drags his prone opponent to the center of the ring then hops up to the top turnbuckle then he leaps towards his opponent doing a modified shootingstar press and landing a leg drop across the neck of his opponent executing a devastating Flow Of Repentance" -The idea behind this move is simple... it's a modified shootingstar press but instead of the body press landing, it's a leg drop. So Cyn flips backwards 360 degrees and drops a legdrop.

HomeTown: Detroit, Michigan

Description: Cyn might not be physically overwhelming but his dark presence has been known to give chills. He wears black long shorts with mismatched squares of different textured black cloth (plastic, plether, jean, cotton...etc), and a mesh black shirt. He is tan with red eyes, his hair is medium length and black. Cyn has tattoos from different cultures all over his body, all of symbols that depict sins, omens and charms. Very attractive features. Body is very lean and cut.

Bio: Cyn was born in Detroit Michigan but not much is truely known about Cyn before he was 12. He seems to have some MMA training but noone can be found that has any known information about Cyn and his mystical yet psychotic girlfriend "Tragedy Falls". The only info that can be gathered is that at the age of 12 he was one of the nastiest individuals around with an attitude on the brink of narcissistic. At 16 he began fighting for sport with a fake ID in pit fights and tough man contests. There he met a person that introduced him to the world of wrestling. Something that would allow him to use all his amazing abilities, those that allowed him to cause pain, and those that allowed him to give pleasure. He began training for this new life, going to the four corner of the world to learn the best way to cause the most possible damage while being able to always look his best. His girl Tragedy followed as she too wanted to know the best way to cause her pleasures and pains. Chaos and Destruction was what laid at Cyn's feet and as of now, he's just gotten started. Just recently Zolea has given Cyn the chance to wrestle in his Federation, "The Chaotic Wave Wrestling Federation", here he hopes to destroy the competition and drown the world in Cyn.

Video: Fear Factory's Zero Signal


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