Jigsaw! I'm calling you out!

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Jigsaw! I'm calling you out!

Post  Pauk-O on Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:23 am

Jaquilin: I'm standing here with the self proclaimed, "Saint of All Killers," Pauk-O. Pauk-O, this is your first time being in a federation. Tell us, what can we expect to see from Chaotic Wave Wrestling's hottest new star?

Pauk-O: Well, ma'am, you can expect screaming! You can expect blood! And most of all, you can to see my hand raised in victory. But before i start challenging champions and claiming to be the best wrestler in the world, let me adress a problem i have. Jigsaw, you are a coward. You had a tag team partner that trusted you, and you walked out on him in the middle of a match. He was beaten so badly he's going to be out for weeks, and all because you didn't have the balls to have your partners back. Now, you have a problem. You have the Angel of Vengence with his crosshairs on you. You took the cowardly path, and at the end of that path, everyone finds the same thing: The Saint of All Killers, and thier own BLOODY MURDER!!!!

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