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Running With The Pack - Hunting The Hunter Empty Running With The Pack - Hunting The Hunter

Post  The Freak on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:42 am

-- The camera fades in and pans over the cheering fans in the sold out arena.

The first chords of “Feeling This” by Blink-182 start to play and the crowd goes crazy. “The Freak” Ryan Thorne makes his way to the ring, but instead of running and celebrating like he does otherwise, he walks with crutches and is bandaged at his chest, head and right arm. As he reaches the ring he grabs a mic and rolls carefully into the ring. --

Kevin: Oh, look at him, he’s a lot more injured than we thought. Last night he didn’t look too great after his fight against Mutantor, but that he’s taken that much…

Alexis: Hey, you saw it, did you? I didn’t think he would make it out alive!

Kevin: Let’s hear what he’s gotta say.

The Freak: -- with an unlikely painfully voice -- What's it gone be den, eh? --fans cheer -- I believe most of you here in the arena, and a lot o’ people dat are watching dis at home witnessed the big event of CWW yesterday night!

Alexis: Sure. Nothing new. Nothing special.

The Freak: Who watched my fight knows, dat it was real carnage…. But I’m still standing! I’m not broken!

Alexis: Depends on how you interpret it…

The Freak: But I couldn’t believe what happened after. I got de message, dat tonight, I will compete against…. Tragedy! Not dat I challenged de biggest and most sadistic monsters in dis fed over de past weeks, now I have to go head to head wid de Coven! – fans go totally crazy --

Well, there are good news and bad news…

Alexis: In my opinion there are just sensational news! Just think about the tension, think about the hot fight, think about the bloodbath!

Kevin: You’re just sick.

The Freak: So… You see, de floor is rough in hell. IF like it seems almost de whole world has to flock in stables,…. And IF dere are such opposing fronts… IF nobody has de guts to break de tides… I’m still standing! I’m accepting dis declaration for war! De GM will have his master plan an’ t’oughts about it. De packs will look forward to get some fresh meat to devour. But I’m making sure dat dey suffocate!

Kevin: You can say what you want, but this smart guy doesn’t let himself down. He’ll fight ‘till the last bone is broken.

Alexis: Yeah, yeah, this fine line between bravery and stupidity…

Kevin: ...or between genius and insanity… This guy crosses the line more than once a day…

The Freak: So… WHAT’s it gonna be den, EH…?

-- The Freak drops the mic as his music starts to play and then slowly leaves the arena, holding his head high, with a self-confident look on his face --
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