Souless's Gimmick

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Souless's Gimmick

Post  Souless on Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:12 pm

Name: Souless

Alignment: Super Heel

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: 345 lbs.

Fighting style: Ie: Strength

Finisher #1 Death's Deal ~ Souless bends his opponet backwards and puts his head between his legs
cutting his neck with his hand showing that it is over he swings rapidly doing a 180 landing on his back making his opponet land on his head executing a devastating Death's Deal

Finisher #2 Soul Collector ~ Souless stares as his opponet is rushing towards him
and is able to scoop him up lifting him upside down and pausing in mid action for the crowd to take pictures and slams him onto his neck executing a devastating Soul Collecter

Home Town: Parts, Unkown

Description: Souless stands at 6' 9" with short jet black hair except for his bangs which dangle infront of his face. You can see that he is bulky around his chest but he still wears a black wife beater. His pants are made of leather with a blue lightning bolt running down both sides of his legs.

Bio: In the begining god created light and Darkness. God then decided to create man. But he made not one but two men. One with, and one without a soul. The man without the soul began to search around the world for an anwser for his question. Instead he finds trainers in what will be russia and Germany. Through his training he has become a strong fighter and has seen a possible anwser to his question. He now steps into the ring as the ultimate wrestler Souless.


Entrance Video: Adema ~ Giving In


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