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Post  sleepmaster on Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:28 am

We see SleepMaster Standing in the rind with His Main Druid Redrum and a mic

RedRum- My master would like me to tell you what is on his mind. 123 kid and pretzel man, where are u guys we cant find you, you must be in chyna(redrum chuckles),Your right rivals there will be no contest cause you guys suck! As for the new bloods, dont forget, they would like there belt shined up real nice and after the match, their boots as well!

SleepMaster grabs the mic- I want a pretzeeeeeeel! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

SleepMaster drops the mic and jumps over the top rope ever so gracefully and walks out with Redrum en route.


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