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a bump in the road

Post  123kid on Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:43 am

--Blue, Gold, White lights circle in the crowd while the lights aboves the stage flash between the colors. Two spotlights are seen on opposite corners of the stage. "Headstrong" by Trapt begins playing over the speakers. The Rivals run out on the stage, holding their tag belts high in the air as Xangel runs under the left spotlight and 1 2 3 Kid runs under the right spotlight. The crowd throw up their replica belts as they cheer along with their current Tag Team Champions. Xangel holds his belt above his head with both hands, yelling at the crowd. 1 2 3 Kid holds his up in his right hand up in the air as he slaps the front of it with his left hand. They meet in the middle, throwing their belts over their shoulder. They stop halfway down the ramp and look at the crowd with surprised faces as the point at the crowd then quickly turn around to the titantron, where fireworks went off on the stage, showing a display of multi-colored fireworks shooting up in the air. The crowd cheering as the display was a spectacular sight to see. When the crowd looks back from the stage The Rivals are already in the ring with microphones in hand.--

Xangel--"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this weeks Rival's Corner!"

--Crowd cheers--

123 Kid--"Thank you all. We are out here tonight to talk about our title defense against the New Bloods. See we beat these guys once at the pay-per-view to get the titles back and now we have to face them again. Yes, they did earn it. Yes, they are good team..."

--Xangel interrupts--

Xangel--"But they aren't that good enough to beat the awesomeness that is 1 2 3 Kid and myself! For you see, at the pay-per-view, there is a new guy in town pauk-o who won a match to earn a title shot. I don't believe it myself but someone who has the nerve to call me Scotty is gonna get a beat down. Now as for the New Bloods, the rad team of the Rivals are going to be showcasing to all of you in the stands out here what being tag champs are all about. Kid here better wise up and stop boo-hooing because we lost a couple matches, who cares! when it comes to put it down on the mat and win...WE WIN!"

--1 2 3 Kid is leaning in one of the corners of the ring posts, clapping his hands letting Xangel speak his mind. He raises his arms in the air to get the crowd pumped up. As he does so, the fans throw their replica belts up and cheer.--

123 Kid--"Since we have all of you behind our backs, we will be unbeatable in our match against the New Bloods and prepare yourself pauk-o and this "mystery" partner, for we will be waiting for you at the pay-per-view. Now excuse us everyone, we have to continue prepping for our match against our opponents"

--Both drop their mics and exit the ring, heading back up the ramp, high fiving fans along the way up at the top of the ramp they hold their tag titles up as while "Headstrong" plays. Both make their way to the backstage area.--


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