Built to last Duralast

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Built to last Duralast

Post  Duralast on Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:53 pm


Alignment: Heel



Fighting style: Strength, power- with anger

Finisher #1 - Meet the monster, is a strong spear

Finisher #2 Brake check, a sit down powerbomb

Finisher #3 The lock up , is a leg tearing hold

Home Town: Kenton,Ohio

Description: Enters the arena wearing camo gear and muscles like no other wereing a newbloods shirt.

Bio:A former marine urned wrestler . won the heaveyweight title in wrestling for the marines 4 times and also a 3 time marine champion in boxing. Trained for wrestling in his back yard with friends .

Picture: coming soon

Entrance Video: , unforgiven, Metallica


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