The New Era

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The New Era

Post  hagaki on Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:45 am

(The camera pans backstage to Hagaki walking out of his dressing room. He walks with an arrogant stride, ignoring the other wrestlers as he passes them. He stops next to Maverick, who was in the middle of an argument with another wrestler, both smiling before Hagaki continues to walk towards to enterance.)

(From around the corner, Mr. X quickly joins Hagaki in his stride. They pass XAngel and 123kid, who both smile and lightly clap as they walk by, both holding their tag titles proudly.)

Mr. X: ..You ready?...

(The lights in the arena start to dim and Hagaki's enterance music begins to play. The camera focuses on the enterance ramp. Hagaki walks out holding the Venom Title over his shoulder, with Mr. X directly next to him. Both are dressed in extravagant suits with dark sunglasses. Light pyro goes off around them as they make their way to the ring. Hagaki grabs a mic and enters the ring.)

Hagaki: You know....

(Hagaki stops and looks around the arena. The crowd is vocal, mostly booing, with a few sparse positive cheers. He smiles and continues)

Hagaki: ...only a matter..... of time...(coughs)

(Mr. X grabs the mic from Hagaki)

Mr. X: Only a matter of time until the gold finally reached a deserving champion! Only a matter of time until someone stepped up to finally show the world the true potential of the CWW.

(The crowd slowly starts to get behind Mr. X. Hagaki remains silent in the ring, with a big smile on his face as he holds the belt.)

Mr. X: You know you're all lucky... to be a part of history. In a few moments you will witness Hagaki's first successful title defense against Wynter. Unfourtunely this moment in history will lose it's flair, as it becomes one of the inumerable successful defenses for my boy here.

(Mr. X points at a sign in the crowd that says "Mr. X is my homeboy" and laughs, more boos from the audience)

Mr. X: But in all seriousness, we are here to do buisness. I am a buisnessman, and it's in my best interest for Hagaki to keep the gold. I....The illuminati... will do everything in it's power to keep the title on Hagaki... the keep the tag titles on XAngel and 123kid. We have targets on our heads now, more than ever...

(Hagaki grabs a mic and interrupts)

Hagaki: ..Coven...New bloods...but first mephisto...

Mr. X: New Bloods, hah. You name the date and you've got it.. You'll be our warm up before we take out the Coven. As for Mephisto, good luck kid, it still won't help... It's time... for the new era to begin!

(The Illuminati Music begins to play. Mr. X and Hagaki are joined in the ring by XAngel, 123kid, and Maverick. Small bursts of pyro shoot from behind them as they all raise their arms and proudly show off their titles as the segment closes)


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Re: The New Era

Post  Mephisto on Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:10 pm

*Screen Flikers*

*inturupting The Illuminati Music of Hagaki*

*The Arena Turns totally dark Dark*

*Slowly An Image flikers on the Screen and a Coffin is seen with Four Druids Guarding it*

*A large Flame burst at the ring And the arena turns blood red in colour*

*Mr. X,XAngel, 123kid, and Maverick Turn to each other found out Hagaki is missing*

*Hagaki Lying Down Middle Of the Ring With a Word R . I . P on his chest*

*Voice of Mephisto is heard*

Mephisto : Rest In Peace

*Mephisto Evil Laughs*

*Screen Flickers Mephisto shadow is seen*

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