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Post  Wynter on Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:38 am

-- A black gloved hand knocks quietly on the door to the GM's office. A harsh voice from inside barks "come in" before the door is opened, and the towering, leather clad frame of Wynter can be seen pressing past the camera and into the office. Zolea sits casually behind his desk, his eyes locking onto the tall man entering his office, and checking behind him to make sure this isn't some kind of trap --

Zolea: I'm a busy man, Wynter. You'd better make this quick.

Wynter: Why?

Zolea: I don't have time for games. Why what?

Wynter: The title shot. Why? I've only been here a month.

Zolea: Two reasons. One, you haven't lost a match yet. and Two, because I said so. Next stupid question?

-- Wynter just nods to the GM, and backs out of the office, before he is ambushed by Tracey with a microphone as the door closes behind him --

Tracey:Wynter, any comments about your title match here tonight?

Wynter: I don't get it.

Tracey: What?

Wynter: This match. Why me?

Tracey:You don't want this match?

Wynter: Of course I want it.

Tracey:And what do you think of your chances?

-- Wynter flashes a cold grin at Tracey --

Wynter: It will be a cold day in hell, before I simply lay down and let someone else beat me.

Tracey: Strong words there for a newcommer to the roster. Any last comments for your opponent?

Wynter: Hagaki ... postage stamp... I guess I'll just have to squash him flat.

Tracey: Do you always make up smart quips about your opponents based on their names?

Wynter: Yes.

-- Wynter turns and walks away --


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