BIOHAZARD (Feb 14th)

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BIOHAZARD (Feb 14th)

Post  masque on Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:14 am

-- The camera fades in on the biohazard symbol on the locker room door for the Unhinged. The door is slightly open, and Masque can be seen stalking backw and forth, muttering to himself in the empty room. Jaquilin steps in front of the camera and knocks on the door, causing Masque to jerk to a halt, and flash that silver eyed stare at the doorway, and Jaquilin --

Masque: Enter

Jaquilin: Masque, I just wanted a moment of your time.

Masque: More questions. Oh joy. I can't see why Sabotage has a thing for you.

Jaquilin: Sabotage .... but he's always such a jerk to me!

-- Masque chuckles, and for once lets out a small smile --

Masque: Before you ask, I'll cut right to the point. Yes, I am in a match tonight, but this match is nothing more than a message.

Jaquilin: A message?

Masque: That's right. All of the Unhinged have matches tonight, and each one is to send a particular message to certain people. For me, I just want Statik to know what he has unleashed. By interferring in my business, he has started something that I fully intend to end.

Jaquilin: Has this been approved by our GM?

Masque: Not yet, but I'm hoping he'll see the advantages to giving me, and our fans, what they want to see.

Jaquilin: And what is that?

-- Masque just smirks at Jaquilin, before flicking the door closed in her face. --

-- Fade out --

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