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Post  Pauk-O on Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:21 am

Tracy knocks on Pauk-O's locker room door and walks in. Pauk-O is watching the show on mute and listening to A Perfect Circle abhorrently loud. He turns down the music as Tracy walks in.

Pauk-O Tracy! Not the face i'm used to seeing. How are you?

Tracy: Good. How have you been...Wait, i have better questions i'm supposed to ask you.

Pauk-O: I'd hope so...

Tracy: Why are you watching the show on mute?

Pauk-O: Honestly, i can't stand Kevin and Alexis. They're cool people, but they barely say anything. I'd just as soon listen to music.

Tracy: So, who's going to be your tag partner for your title match?

Pauk-O: Well, thats what i'm here scouting. I need to see if any of the "talent" here on Venom can live up to my standards.

Tracy: Any luck?

Pauk-O: Not really. Some people have potential, but so far, Scratch is the only one with and real "gravitas" so to speak.

Tracy: So your going to pick Scratch?

Pauk-O: I didn't say that. In fact, i'll go ahead and say now that until my match, i'm not going to decide who i will pick. Zolea said i can use anyone on the Venom roster. I'm going to keep my options open. This i will say though: xangel, 123kid, whatever you expect, forget it. This isn't the "faithful" Pauk-O you saw and loved on Chaos. This is a new animal. Faster. Stronger. Hungrier. And this beast is hungry for gold. After your titles are mine, Hagaki, I'm coming after that pretty new strap your holding for me. Then, who knows... I might just take all the gold in CWW.

Tracy: Well thank you Pauk-O.

Pauk-O: Anytime...

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