The Bish adds a new recruit

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The Bish adds a new recruit

Post  The_Bish on Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:23 am

*The Lights in the arena Flicker as Thunder Sounds throughout the arena. The Satanic Mantra begins to play through the loudspeakers.*

*A flash of light and through the smoke The Bish appears walking to the top of the ramp, behind him is a solemn looking CV Boy*

*The Crows chants FAITH FAITH FAITH!!! The Bish raises his arms and the crowd goes wild.*

The Bish: SILENCE!!!!!!

*The crowd goes hushed immediately and the music stops*

The Bish:My brothers and sisters.....I come before you tonight to speak of many things gone awry, and of the changes to befall this federation.

*Gasps, and questions fill the air before suddenly stopping again*

The Bish: My followers The Faith has taken a mighty blow. Our beloved Pauk-o was cruelly and unjustifiably drafted to that bedsore of a show, Venom. I am now assuming my rightful place at the head of this glorious organization, but let it be known that should the opportunity arise, our brother Pauk-o will be welcome back under my rule with open arms.

*more gasps, sparse boo's fill the arena, mixed with cries of joy*

The Bish: As the situation stands, I am now the rightful leader of The Faith, and your honorable Chaos Champion.

*The Crowd goes wild again!!! A few screams of SCRATCH WHAT WHAT? sound, but are drowned out by the cries of FAITH!!! FAITH!!!*

The Bish: BE SILENT!!!! Next on our agenda is my honor and duty....tonight my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the faith, I would like to introduce you to the newest member to grace our blessed presence. I give you the newest Epidemic to Sweep the CWW.....FIRESON!!!!!

*Fireson comes out to stand by CV boy. He assumes a calm collected, slightly angry stance*

The Bish: And now my faithfull, we come to the final matter in tonights festivities. Tonight I am against your so called World Champ. How a man who calls himself a saint can be so devoid of actual Faith I will never know, but tonight I will show you all The dangers of bearing false profit. I shall put this poor excuse for a champion out of commision and leave his judgement up to those in higher order. Tonight I set Saint Pierce free of his mortal bonds. TONIGHT I SHOW THE CWW WHO THE NEXT WORLD CHAMPION REALLY IS!!!!

*Flames Shoot all around the top of the ramp, and disturbed prayer begins to play. When the smoke clears The New Improved Faith is nowhere to be seen.*


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