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Post  The Freak on Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:52 pm

Kevin: Welcome back, folks! And thanks again to our supporters in the commercials to make all this possible....

Alexis: -- sneezes -- Sorry, I'm allergic to bullsh*t...

Kevin: Whatever. Our upcoming match will be re-match, if we think about our last big PPV, New Year Brutality. We had there a "Finisher Match" between Mephisto and "The Freak" Ryan Thorne. After a hard fight Mephisto was laughing last, after making clear that The Freak "Has Sinned". Let's take a short look for the outcome of this match...

-- Titanthrone shows some footage of the PPV, some short scenes from named Finisher Match and how Mephisto bring the win home, a few times from different angles and perspektives --

Alexis: Haha, this Freak was a crimson mask, bleeding like the last pig in the slaughterhouse. That was very funny.

Kevin: Erm... It was a really hard fight, and we thought "hopefully Ryan won't get too much scars after this".

Alexis: YOU thougt that... I was thinking about something else...

Kevin: ...but then last week there was a surprising return of our Cheshire Cat. Last week at Venom he faced the dark one, Souless, and this was a hell o' a fight, too. Let's watch some more Tv, hehe.

-- Again there are moving pictures on the big screen, where Souless and The Freak beat the hell out each other. Then, surprisingly, The Freak gained the victory. --

Kevin: Whoa, this Souless needed three times to be "kissed by the moon", just to stay down!

Alexis: Yeah, kinda tough guy... But I must agree that Ryan Thorne could get the thing done, against all odds... Seems that he maybe slowly acclimates in our "fresh air", here in our pool full of sharks.

Kevin: Of course. And as we just witnessed he "jumped the shark" last week, hahahahaaaa -- laughs long about his own joke --

Alexis: -- looks directly into the cam -- Right. So... Are you OK, Kevin? Do you need a glass of water or something?

Kevin: Hihi, no, thanks... Hoa... It's ok. Thank you very much.

Alexis: So tonight in this very ring this little piranha will meet a well known big shark -- Kevin laughs again as he hears the word 'shark' -- again! Will he this time be able to defeat the unholy Satan? Or will he be simply more smashed? This time the bell won't ring after Mephisto hit a finisher... The bell won't save him this time from being totally eviscerated. But maybe, just maybe, while they dance, he can shove an pineapple right into Mephistos *ss...literally. KEVIN, now shut the f*ck up!

Kevin: -- wipes a tear out of his eye -- I'm sorry, I'm alright... So without further words let's welcome our two contestants and let's get it on! Shark... hee hee...

Alexis: Have some fun!
The Freak
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