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Post  Statik on Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:18 pm

**Camera displays Jacquilin with Statik in front of a CWW backdrop**

Jacquilin: Hello, I'm here again with one of my personal favorites, Statik.

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) Thank You Jacquilin, it is always a pleasure

Jacquilin: Now statik, you have slowly began to gain a lot of fans thru-out the CWW but some say you are only popular cus your the newest thing. Do you have any response to those who say that?

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) hmmmm. (pause) That is an excellent question, and there could be some truth to that statement.

Jacquilin: Does that worry you that sooner rather then later, you could begin to lose the fans you have so quickly gained?

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) If I was an average individual then I'd say for sure, but I am willing to give it all to the fans, including something special for my upcoming match.

Jacquilin: Really?! what do you have planned?

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) Well my dear, I can't tell you right now, cus I don't want to spoil the surprise but I can say this. I have heard the individuals you speak of say the same statements you've mentioned, one such person is my opponent tonight, Advent Child, so in turn I've done some heavy thinking about what I can do to not only sustain my growing popularity but, in all hopefulness, extend beyond the parameters of the other equally talented individuals of CWW.

Jacquilin: Wow, that is a bold statement, when will we find out what you have in store for not only Advent Child but also the start this legendary goal?

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) Well Jacquilin, you will find out after you read this letter

Reaches into his pocket hands Jacquilin a folded note

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) Now you can only read it once our interview is complete, and if you do not want to follow the instructions, I will completely understand.

Jacquilin: Instructions?

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) You'll see, and again, if this is something that you don't feel right about, please come see me and I will find a much less desirable replacement.

Jacquilin: Oh, by no means, I would love to assist you.

Statik: (distorted unemotional voice) Well then my dear, it will be an honor to have you help with an ideal way to include fans. Now if you don't mind, I must prepare.

Jacquilin: Of course, Thank you again Statik

Statik, nods his head then walks off camera

Jacquilin: Well thanks again to Statik, and if you're like me, then you're eager to see what Statik has in store for Advent Child. Til then, I'm Jacquilin.

**Camera fades as Jacquilin begins to unfold the letter**


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