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Post  james201988 on Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:13 pm

Camera-- Shows James Standing in the back talking to the rest of the newbloods.

Tracey- Hey guys I have been looking all over for you can i talk to you .

James- What do you want!

Tracey- Well im sure you have heard by now the comments that Tragedy had to say .

James- Yea I did shes right i have done nothing hear yet except make one of the most talented and
strongest stables together . Now come on tracey everybody knows that the newbloods
is the future of this bussiness.

Scotty- Why would she even want to bad mouth us anways i think she has her own problems dont she .

James- Good point man isnt her team broke up dont she almost cry when she walks to the ring or talk bout cyn. come on and every body knows why souless left she thought she was the boss and tried to run that stable in the ground.

Tracey- well im suprised your handling this pretty well .

James- well tracey the newbloods have a lot to deal with its going to name new tag team champions this week . and i got a match as well .

Tracey- ok i think im done here thanks .

James - did i tell you to leave im not done yet . Well Tragedy you have done something that you will wish you never have done . and thats talk about me and my guys . how bout we have a match and that way when i make you bleed and beg for your life maybe just maybe you can respect me then . you just dance around for these fans and im not a puppet i do what i want when i want . and if your brave enough to fight me then i will take you out just like they did to your little buddy cyn.
final your match will fit your name it will be a tragedy when they carry you out of the ring and to the hospital . oh and dont think im going to let you team up and take souless out ha ha ha .

Camera- shows the newbloods leaving and to the locker room


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