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Wonderful, an interview... Empty Wonderful, an interview...

Post  Tragedy on Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:13 pm

Camera shows Tragedy leaving the Coven's locker room

Tracy: Tragedy!

Tragedy: (sarcastically) wonderful, another interview

Tracy: Is this a bad time?

Tragedy: The better question would be, "when's a better time", but you do what you get paid to do so what's up?

Tracy: Well, Tragedy... what's been your problem as of late... you seem very... off-putting.

Tragedy: Me? oh I'm just peachy, While the longest running stable is in shambles, you have these young punks who think they're tough, creating little mobs in the hopes that if they combine their lack of talent, they might be able to win a match.

Tracy: Which group are you talking about?

Tragedy: Well have you heard of these "new bloods", real original in the name there... hmm... i wonder if they are a bunch of upstarts in this federation? Nah, they must be vets with a name like that... why don't they just call themselves the Mainevent Immortals, then they could be a bunch of wrestling highlanders... that gimmick would be entertaining.

Tracy: So I'm guessing you don't like the diversity that our fed is filled with?

Tragedy: Tracy, I didn't say that... what I'm saying is that you have nobodies like James who thinks he's walk in here, have an interview that makes him look badass and tough and that will make him famous, let me ask him something... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??

Tracy: So is this specifically at James?

Tragedy: (laughing) come on now Tracy, you know me better then that... I hate the whole bunch of them, no talent jerks who think that because they got some buddies they can do whatever they want

Tracy: But wasn't that how you were when you got here?

Tragedy: (pause) well actually yes, that was how I thought and acted. And how successful was I in the beginning?

Tracy: Well neither you nor Cyn were doing well at all when you guys acted like that

Tragedy: Exactly, we were nothing til we learned respect, and these "newbloods" don't know a thing about the bussiness and just expect that their amatuer hour talents will get them by.

Tracy: wow, well I'm glad to see that you haven't been thinking about this to much

(looks at Tracy with a disapproving look)

Tracy: ok, well I was curious on what your thoughts are about this match that you will be enforcing?

Tragedy: My thoughts? Souless wants back in... and the only one I trust is scratch, cus he's all I have left, so if Souless wants in, then he has to show us that he's in all the way. The Coven was a little lax before, but since Souless decided to stab us in the back oh so many months ago, it's time to see where his loyalties truely lay.

Tracy: So you guys are gonna beat him til he gives?

Tragedy: No, there will be a match, Scratch vs Souless. If souless earns our respect, then he's in. If he fails, well then he's going to have a very long night. Now if you can excuse me, I think I hear my phone ringing in my car.

Tracy: Oh, ok... well thanks...

(Tragedy walks away)

Tracy: Wait, what about your match with MRS....Wow, ok. Well lets see how the newbloods react to Tragedy's statements, and will Souless be able to fight his way back into the Coven? Only time will tell.

*Camera fades*


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