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Korenwolf Interview

Post  Korenwolf on Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:47 pm


(Scene fades in with Jaquilin sitting in a lounge)

Jaquilin: Well, this is a first. A straight interview with Korenwolf in our new interview room. Please welcome Korenwolf!

(Korenwolf enters the scene and sits on the couch)

Korenwolf: Hey Jaquilin, how's it going?

Jaquilin: Now, KW, you said that this was going to be a normal interview.

Korenwolf: Oh, very much soo. Cameraman Steve is still on vacation. No shenanigans tonight.

Jaquilin: Still on vacation?

Korenwolf: Oh, yeah. Everyone needs a break or two every now and again.

Jaquilin: Alright then. To start off...

Korenwolf: Actually, can I take a moment to point out the new interview room?

Jaquilin: Sure, go ahead. You paid for the remodel of it.

Korenwolf: Thank you. Yeah, this needed a major overhaul. Look at this place now. We've got an informal leather chair with matching sofa to sit in. New carpet... that you'll never see on tv. We've got promotional CWW poster on one side and a poster of our next event, which I'm hoping to get my return title match clause in. At any rate, hopefully more people agree to join you in here and give a little back light into CWW.

Jaquilin: Well put and thank you. On to my first question, how does it feel not being champion?

Korenwolf: Wow, not pulling any punches tonight. Well, on one hand, it sucks. Would have been nice losing the championship on my own accord rather than in a gimmick match. But, I don't make the rules. St Peirce is a great champion and I wish him the best. Hell, every combatant in the 4 way dance deserved to have that title around their waist. Congrats go to St Peirce and I'm looking forward to getting another opportunity at the title.

Jaquilin: What's on the other hand tho?

Korenwolf: Its been nice taking a break. Last week during the draft, Steve and I went on vacation. Being champ meant that I be here day in and day out for CWW. Not saying that is a bad thing. Honestly, this is the greatest job in the world. Just need a break every once in a while.

Jaquilin: Soo, you and Steve went on vacation?

Korenwolf: Yeah! It was great! First we went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

(Shows a picture of Steve and KW standing outside of Cedar Point pointing at the "Closed down for winter" sign)

Korenwolf: Kinda forgot it was winter. We'll have to wait till spring to ride the roller coasters. They did have an indoor water park open.

(Shows a picture of KW wearing speedo and Steve wearing swimming trunks coming down a slide)

Jaquilin: Oh, come on, a speedo?

Korenwolf: Yeah? At any rate, we flew down south to New Orleans and spent some time on Bourbon Street.

(Shows a picture of KW and Steve hoisting beer over a plate of steamed crawfish)

Jaquilin: Quick question, who's taking these pictures?

Korenwolf: Well, sometimes it was Steve's wife. Sometimes it was his kid. All depends.

Jaquilin: What a minute. You went on vacation with Steve's family?

Korenwolf: More like I took them on vacation. We traveled for a little bit and then I came back home. He is in Hawaii right now with his family enjoying another week off.

Jaquilin: That was nice of you.

Korenwolf: Hey, have to reward his hard work over the past few months. He was just a show time camera man around here and went home when we weren't on air. Now, he travels with me where ever I go now. Hell, he gives out his autograph as much as I do.

Jaquilin: How do you feel about these gimmick matches, as you put it?

Korenwolf: I actually dig them, to be honest. Nice to see some change up in the match styles. Some a little more creative then others. ZV has really gone out of his way to come up with ways to torturing his talent. The problem is I foresee a day where there is a "tar'd and feather'd" match. Kinda tacky, you know?

Jaquilin: Well, aside from the variety of match styles Zolea has created, is there anything that you are going to bring to CWW that is different from what you've done in the past?

Korenwolf: I want to try to highlight some of our new wrestlers to CWW. I really don't care which brand they are affiliated with. Just need to help these new guys and gals get some exposure.

Jaquilin: Far enough. Well, KW, thank you for your time and good luck in your match tonight with Asteroth.

Korenwolf: It's been my pleasure.


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