What You Have To Come...

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What You Have To Come...

Post  XAngel on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:54 am

* "Sonne" by Rammstein plays. XAngel walks out onto the stage & raises his arms in acknoledgement of the rapturous applause & cheering, before walking down to the ring. He grabs a mic of a ring attendant & places his belt in the centre of the ring*

XAngel - "Now, i know that 123kid told you that we lost to those scum bags last week, BUT im here to tell you differant"

*Crowd Cheers*

XAngel - "Yeah, your right to cheer!! We LET you win you wannabes!! We still have the tag team titles because we earnt them, we havent lost a title match since that match that the JBA beat us in, and even then, that was by cheating!!! so technically, we havent lost a single title match!! i would have had my fantastic tag partner here with me tonight, but hes too busy moping around after our loss, and wont let anybody into his locker room, mate, i want to show you what your missing.

*Imitation of sleepmaster comes out and down to ring before being pummeled to the ring floor by XAngels mic*

*Crowd Cheers*

XAngel - "Yeahh, thats what you have got to look forward to later Sleepmaster!! Beware! You've got an animal on the loose, and hes following you..."

XAngel - "Ladies & Gentlemen, thank you for all your support! dont let us fail!!"


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