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Introduction to the Flames Empty Introduction to the Flames

Post  Fireson on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:19 am

--Scene opens in a dark locker room backstage. Fireson is sitting in the corner. He is wearing his regular ring attire of long red pants with a white undershirt. The interviewer Jacquilin enters the room holding a microphone.--

Jacquilin: Hello I'm Jacquilin can i get a quick interview with you?

--Fireson looks at her.--

Fireson: Well, i don't know if you can...

--Fireson takes the microphone from her and she leaves.--

Fireson: I am the fallen flames of hell...I am the very core of Satan's evil... i am hell's devistation...Don't turn around...don't look back...because i will be behind steal your soul...

--Fireson starts laughing like a madman--

Fireson: This is a the saturday night chaos roster...Fireson has arrived... And no one...i one..can do anything about it...

--Agains laughs like a madman--

Fireson: Because even in times of battle...the weakest, insignificant, disgrace of a human being...can be the greatest fighter of all time...If anyone willl be stupid enough to rise against me...they will Crash and Burn...and i will show no no one showed mercy to me...many years ago...I don't start things...i end things...even the Devil cowards in fear of my name...even the gods of death scream in agony in my presence...even the lord of hell...kneels before ME!

--Fireson pauses.--

Fireson: So what i am really trying to express is...that even in the great abyss of hell...there is only one certainty...Fireson has arrived...

--Scene ends and goes to commercial as Fireson's mad laughter is heard as an echo--


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