Warning: Biohazard

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Warning: Biohazard

Post  masque on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:56 pm

-- Camera fades in, in the Unhinged locker room with Masque practically yelling at Rowen, not like that's anything new. He paces around the locker room, almost violently gesturing each time he says something to her, and each time, her responses are short, and almost as violent right back --

Masque: This is your last chance, Rowen. We're in a tag match tonight, and if you bring that weak game that you did last Sunday....

Rowen: you'll what? yell at me some more?

Masque: *just stares at her before shaking his head* You wouldn't be the first person to be kicked out of this locker room.

Rowen: You wouldn't....

Masque: Just try me.

Rowen: You've changed. Ever since that accident, you--

Masque: *cuts her off as he yells in her face* NOT ANOTHER WORD ABOUT THAT!!

Rowen: Fine. So who are we up against?

Masque: Does it matter?

-- With their argument over for now, they both notice the camera crew staring into the room, and just stare at it. A noise comes from behind the camera, and the view spins rapidly, to show Sabotage --

Sabotage: Oh great. You again...

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Re: Warning: Biohazard

Post  Sabotage on Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:00 pm

Sabotage: Let me just give you the answers before you even bother wasting my time asking them. yes. yes. no. maybe. who cares. and "no, I won't go out with you"

Jaquilin: umm... okay. *shuffles through her list of questions* So .. what's going on in there?

Sabotage: A rather heated discussion on politics, what do you think is going on in there? Do you really need it all spelled out for you Jackie?

Jaquilin: Well, no, but I heard something about an accident? Anyway, so you've been scheduled for a match against the relatively unknown Statik tonight. Any thoughts on the match?

Sabotage: An accident? I heard nothing about an accident, I think your hearing things, do you hear voices too? No? Just me, huh? As for my match *wicked smirk* I dont care who Statik is, I dont care why he is here, he got in our business and now will suffer for it.

Jaquilin: So how do you prepare for a match, when there's almost nothing to know about the person your facing?

Sabotage: Yoga

Jaquilin: *stares open mouthed for a few seconds before composing herself* you're just making fun of me now, aren't you?

Sabotage: Yes *pushes past the camera into the locker room, slamming the door in her face*

-- camera fades out, the last image being the Unhinged Biohazard symbol in the center of the screen --


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