Preparing for ... lunch?

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Preparing for ... lunch?

Post  Wynter on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:45 pm

-- Camera fades in on the backstage cafeteria, with Wynter looking out of place, sitting at one of the tables, apparantly having a snack before his match. Tracey makes very exagerated sneaking noises, trying, for once, to sneak up on the elusive giant --

Tracey: Hah! I finally got to sneak up on you! Don't you have a match tonight?

Wynter: (not even bothering to turn around) Yes.

Tracey: So what are you doing here then?

Wynter: Preparing.

Tracey: you're preparing for your match, by eating?

Wynter: Researching my opponent.

Tracey: (looking confused) huh?

Wynter: (points to his food) fruit salad. Just what Pineapple boy, is going to be after the match.

Tracey: (groans at the bad joke) You should stick to sneaking around, and not comedy.

Wynter: Thanks (waves them away and goes back to finishing his snack)

-- Fade out --


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