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Post  Statik on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:33 pm

**A video shows Jacqulin with Statik**

Jacquilin: Hello, Jacquilin here with one of the newer members, not only to Saturday Night Chaos but also, to CWW, Statik.

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) Thank you Jacquilin, it is a pleasure

Jacquilin: Now Statik, a few weeks ago in your CWW debut you challange the entire roster of CWW, and your challange has been met with silence. Has this detoured you in any way or possibly changed your method on becoming a star in the CWW?

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) That's a smart question Jacquilin, and I'd say yes, it has changed my current method. I think instead of waiting for them to come to me, I'll go to them and force their hand.

Jacquilin: hmmm, so will you be making challanges now?

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) In a matter of speaking, yes. And my first challange is to Sabotage, a sheep with the flock of lost souls called "the unhinged"

Jacquilin: Wow, Sabotage. He's not only a veteran of CWW but he's one of the more talents members of the CWW roster. What if he doesn't answer your challange?

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) Well I thought of that, which is why my actions last week of saving a Souless individual as well as going to our GM and requested to fight Sabotage has insured this meeting. He was very kind and polite, he listened to my side of why this would be a great match not only for CWW but for the fans as well.

Jacquilin: Hold on, you talked to our GM, Zolea Vipper? and he was kind and polite??

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) You seem surprised Jacquilin, see I think our GM is just under a lot of stress, I mean with being in the hospital and having a bunch of wacko's trying to attack him while he sleeps. I couldn't imagine being in that spot, but we had a good conversation and he agreed that Sabotage vs Statik would be a very fun match to watch, and great for the ratings.

Jacquilin: So you versus Sabotage, any stipulations?

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) No, just a normal match, him verse me. I want to challange the best, and I think Sabotage is one of those elite fighters who just happens to be a follower. But I want him to bring his best, because to defeat him any other way would be a slap in the face to our GM and our fans.

Jacquilin: Well this is a very stange turn of events, you are different Statik, in a good way for sure.

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) Well I appreciate such kind words from a woman as beautiful as yourself, but please forgive my attempt to flirt, we are both professionals and you are more then a pretty face.

Jacquilin: **blushing** Thank you very much

Statik: (Distorted emotionless voice) You do your job very well, but back to bussiness, **looking at the camera** Sabotage, I want to challange you, so whether you think I'm worthy or not, it's you and me. I already see how much respect I've earned since my last opponent is already requesting title shots after losing to me. Which would mean that if you are able to defeat me, maybe that title shot can be yours. Either way, I'm eager to have someone of your caliber as another victim to the white noise. See you in the ring. **turning to Jacquilin** Good day

**Statik walks away**

Jacquilin: **watching Statik walk away, smiling** Same to you, **regaining her composure and looking at the camera** and there you have it! a true gentleman warrior. Sabotage, can you take down this rookie? I guess we'll find out.

**Video fades**


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