The Angel Kings Gimmik

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The Angel Kings Gimmik

Post  The Angel King on Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:18 am

Name:The Angel King


Height:6 ft 4 inches


Fighting style: Balanced

Finisher #1 Death By Angel The Angel King screams in pain spreading wings out of his back then flys into the air with a blinding light on him bends his head into his stomache covering his ears with his arms then bursest into a glowing jagged
light then swoops down picks up his oppnent then brings him up and bashes his head through the celling as hes hanging there he punches him 200 times then piledrives him onto the mat executing a devastating Death By Angel

Finisher #2 WoW The Angel King screams in pain and spreads wings he takes his oppnent and wraps him in his wings takes him through the celling and then drops him
then he puts out his fists and pushes the oppnent down to the mat then flys back up into the air loses his wings and backflips consistantly until he lands on his oppnent and tries a pining manuver executing a devastating Wow

Finisher #3 The Angel King body slams his oppnent on the ground diagnolly he runs and climbs up the turnbuckle
He then bends down and pushes himself off the turnbuckel leaping through the air lands on his oppnent and tries a pining manuver executing a devastating Five Star Frog Splash
Home Town:Boston Mass

Description: The Angel king is an all around type of guy he will adapt to his situations and matches and just because hes an angel don't take him lightly he can do some damage

Bio: The Angel King grew up tough he was never popular he always had it tough h got into fights didn't have it good at home he always had to fight to earn his respect he one day got shot then a few days later returned in the body of an angel and now fights like everyone has betrayed him and fights even harder with people that have done him wrong this angel will so no mercy


Entrance Video:

The Angel King

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Re: The Angel Kings Gimmik

Post  Zolea Vipper on Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:32 am

Love that song. I have the howling by them.
Zolea Vipper
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