King Kong....Power?

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King Kong....Power?

Post  power on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:04 pm

The camera fades into the dressing room again..

Mr. War - "I know you think it didn't work Power and my idea back fired, but I know we just need to find the right one. This time is it so lets go!"

- Power steps out in a all black singlet w/ black boots. He has all his body hair shaved off to include his head. he looks in the mirror and shakes his head -

- At that moment Mr. War steps out in a white tux, it is adorned w/ hearts all over it. He has a red shirt and a white tie. He wears black sunglasses and has a very nice Mullet wig on his head. A bull horn also adorned w/ hearts is in his right hand. A cheesy mustache is affixed to his upper lip -

Mr. War (using the Bull horn) - "You look good P.....
- The bullhorn is grabbed and launched by the Power across the dressing room -
ower. Ok so no more bullhorn. We need to get this straight. At least some point in the match the Beer Hunter HAS to get the bullhorn, so you distract the ref and I will get him."

- The Power gives the 'really' look to Mr. War -

- Mr. War moves over and picks the bull horn back up -

Mr. War - Ok fine right right good guys sorry, caught up in the heel get up, errr um as I was saying we have um count too?

- The Power holds up 5 fingers and walks out of the dressing room and out on to the ready ramp -

Mr. War - he could count to 25 after I use this

- Mr. War holds the Bull Horn up above his head like he was Link w/ a piece of the Tri Force -


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