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Power/ Mr. War Bio

Post  power on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:51 pm

Name: The Power - (Mr. War)

Alignment: Face - (Heel)

Height: 6'9" - (6'1")

Weight:380 - (185)

Fighting style: Strength - (Manager)

Finisher #1 Power Outage (Direct Damage)- Power sends his opponent into the far ropes as he waits a second them bounces of the near side ropes. He then grabs the opponent as they run bye him by the back of the head and with his weight behind them bulldogs them face first into the mat

Finisher #2 Into Glory Ride (Direct Damage)- A no frills power bomb. (Sorry I know it's lame but it is bar none my favorite move of all time so thats what it is Wink

Finisher #3 Full power (Pin/submission)- Power wraps his arm behind both legs, then wraps his other arm behind the head, bringin his arms togther rolling his opponent up into a little ball

Home Town: Outside of Chicago

Description: Power is a well put togther guy. He wears Black leather pants and boots, w/ no shirt, Long balck hair, and a steel face plate. The face plate is unadorned.
In attitude he is a bit like a cross between undertaker and ultimate warrior. Demenor being the undertaker side, and the fast paced match style being the warrior.
He looks at himself as a avenger of wrong deeds and a defender of the weak.

(Mr. War just likes to get it done by any means possible.)

Bio: Power (Paul) was raised by Mr. War(Warren). Mr. War came upon a horrible accident, it turns out that Powers parents were both killed and he was the loan survivor. Mr. War took liittle power in and raised him as his own. Power was deeply troubled as he grew older and found the truth of his parents demise, also he had quite a speech problem hence he is not comfertable speaking around people unless he really trusts them, or is forced to.


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