Letters From God

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Letters From God

Post  The Freak on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:37 am

-- The camera fades in and shows Tracy walking through the backstage area, with a mic in her right hand, followed by the cameraman. --

Tracy: -- talking mostly to herself -- Man, is there nothing interesting? Such a waste of time...

-- They arrive at the cantina. --

Tracy: -- shouting -- Is anybody here...?

Voice: Sure!

-- Tracy an the cameraman walk around the corner, just to spot three members of the technical crew, devouring their lunch in a very disgusting kind of way. --

Tracy: Oh no! -- looks at her cameraman -- Let's go, Jim, no one wants to hear those guys smacking and drooling...

-- Despite the technician's booing and ranting Tracy and Jim turn around, starting their last try to find an interesting interview-partner. They walk doen the corridors into the direction of the locker rooms, as they sense some kind of music from out one of the locker rooms. --

Tracy: Hey, do you hear that? That could be our chance! Look! He left the door ajar!

-- Silently she pushes the door open to witness "The Freak" Ryan Thorne sitting on a chair with his back to the entrance, playing his acoutic guitar, who hasn't seem to notice the visitors yet. --

Cameraman: -- whispering -- Shouldn't we go in, or something?

Tracy: -- also whispering -- No, just wait a sec... I don't want to disturb him right now, just let him play his song to the end...

-- The Freak stops to play and reaches for his mobile. Tracy and her cameraman keep silence, curious about what's coming up. --

The Freak: Hello?.......... Yes.......... -- laughing -- Yeah, he kicked my *ss! Sir Kicks*ssalot maybe in his freetime!.......... What do you say? Looked quite boring on TV? I almost f*ckin bleeded to death, chére!.......... Yes.......... You're right, I was still able to smile.......... Hmhm.......... Just right into the face, but not really to the limits........... I agree wid you, de fans don't wanna see such a "Try for Carnage", not amusing, not entertaining. Maybe my next opponent is not fulfilled wid dose ego-complexes about dark, bad souls and stuff........... I'd like to get an opponent to rock! All night long, kind of head to head fight, wid heights and depths, up to de climax to shake de world to de core!.......... -- laughing out loudly -- .......... Sorry, mon chére, but I've to prepare for my upcoming match..........No, I don't know, Zolea was still in hospital. I just got a lil' letter, wid a date an' time, when I have to compete..........OK..........T'ink of me when I fly high!.......... Me too.......... Bye!

-- The Freak hangs up and starts to play just a few more chords. Tracy and her cameraman leave this place. --

Tracy: Ok, I think we're far enough.... -- speaking into the camera -- Whou, that was kind of....informative. At least some fascinating situation at the moment. So... Who was on the other line? "Chére"? And who sent the ominous letter? Was it really sent by ZV? Who will await The Freak tonight in the ring? A lot of questions folks, but I guess, some of them might get answered, already tonight! Back to you two sweethearts, Alexis and Kevin!

-- The camera fades out. --
The Freak
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Re: Letters From God

Post  The Freak on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:22 am

-- The camera fades in back in the arena and pans over the cheering crowd, up to a shot on the commentators. --

Kevin: Well, thank you, Tracy!

Alexis: I hope you will find a good interview partner for today so that you don't have to loiter any more backstage....

Kevin: Alexis! Cut it down! More interesting for me is the point that there circulate some strange letters through our roster.... Not that just our cheshire cat, The Freak, just got informed about his match by such mystic messages.... I heard rumors that there were some more letters on the road...

Alexis: Yeah, whatever, such anachronistic methods to inform people.... What about "electronic" mails, in every thinkable kind? I don't understand, why someone should write per hand.

Kevin: Well... This "someone" surely doesn't want to be followed back so easy. If he oder she wore gloves there aren't even fingerprints on the envelope. Still a little mystery, why our dear GM didn't called The Freak by phone or something, if the letter comes from him. And who else would gain a profit by setting up matches for our roster?

Alexis: Yeah, I have to admit that you're right....at this point. But maybe later tonight or in the next weeks we will find out more. Stays the other rumor about a "lil' chére"... What kind of lousy b*tch has our "favourite" lunatic just flirted with?

Kevin: Jealous? -- grins --

Alexis: NO WAY! So my guess: That b*tch hates him 'cause she found a biger guy, if you know what I mean, and know she plays some psycho terror with some old-fashioned mails while Zolea is out of order, kind of.

Kevin: Alexis. You should take your pills. Or leave them away. Our job is not to speculate, but to moderate and commentate the facts. So let's wait for facts to come.

Alexis: But...

Kevin: SO, our next match will be, somehow, about the very seen situation. And we know more than our enigma. His opponent will be Souless, one big, bad player who has definetely more in-ring-experience than The Freak. With his 6' 9'' and almost 345 lbs. he's a real monster, who wrecks everything that comes in his way. But maybe the momentum of the physically smaller, but faster Freak will be enough, to win his "David vs. Goliath" this time.... Each way it will be more than entertaining!

Alexis: ...After a short commercial break....

-- The camera fades out and the commercials start. --
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