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* as cameras go backstage for the first time. It views Zolea Vipper in his Office writting down something on a peice of paper, being busy as normal. Then, suddenly a knock at the door is heard. Zolea looks up, and as most people would do he says 'Come In!'. When that has been said, Mephisto walks in. The crowd begin to boo slightly, as the taall 'The Lord of Destruction' closes the door behind him, and walks up closer to Zolea Vipper who stands up, with a smile on his face.*

Zolea Vipper :Well well well.. What a pleasent suprise. Mephisto! HaHa!

(Crowd Boo)

Zolea Vipper :It's good to see you Mephisto, sit down.. Take a seat. Is there anything I can get for you, or help you out with?

Mephisto :Zolea.. Has their EVER been a time when I've come into your Office for No Reason? (Zolea shakes his Head) Exactly.. So listen up ZV. I have beaten this "FREAK" Ryan Throne on PPV .. I took him down, the Finisher Match Last Payper View..I want YOU to do me a favour..

Zolea Vipper :You know me Mephisto, I'm here to help. What do you need?

Mephisto :I'm gonna cut this short and simple Zolea.. After this week, I want a SHOT at The Chaotic Title!

(Crowd Boo)

Mephisto :I am the best crop you have in your backyard Zolea.. And you, and every other punk knows that. So Zolea, what is it going to be? My Title Shot..?

Zolea Vipper :Look Mephisto, I know you want your shot.. But in the Interest of Fairness, I cant go and suddenly put you in a match for the Chaotic Title..

*Mephisto looks pissed off, as he puts his hands on his hips*

Mephisto :MAYBE.. You didn't hear me clear the first time I said IT! If you don't give me a shot at the Chaotic title next week.. I will go through your roster.. one by one.. And I will take each and everyone of them to HELL! And that includes YOU, Zolea!

Zolea Vipper :Whow Whow how Mephisto.. Hold up.. before you do anything stupid, let me notify of one thing. Soon enough, you WILL get your chance at that Title.. Whether it be next week, or the week after.. I'll see fit to give you your shot. BUT.. It wont be a match straight for the Title. You see Mephisto, in order to GET that match for the Chaotic Tiltle.. you will have to demolish some people. You will have to BEAT some Superstars here in the Fully Loaded Wrestling.. Do you think you can handle that?

Mephisto ::Zolea, let me assure you.. That I ain't goin' anywhere until I WIN what is rightfully mine. years of destruction Zolea.. years.. and soon enough, It's going to come into play.. and all these pretty boy punks you have runnin' around in the backstage.. Haha.. They will learn to RESPECT ME! Whether they LIKE ME.. or they HATE ME.. I will personally, MAKE SURE.. That by time.. I am RESPECTED..BY ALL!

Zolea Vipper :Ah.. Yes. Well, you may go now..

Mephisto :I'll see you soon BOY!

*Mephisto turns away and walks out the door, leaving Zolea Vipper a little bit worried. Around ten seconds or so later, suddenly, Mephisto MUSIC HITS!The Crowd straight away turn their emotions into complete booing, as Mephisto walks out and walks down the ramp, and climbs up the steel steps. As he looks around into the crowd, fans begin shouting things at him and giving him finger gestures.Mephisto just ignores them, and climbs into the ring through the middle ropes.Mephisto stops in the middle of the ring.. and with a sadistic smile, he begins to speak into the microphone.*

Mephisto :You dis-respectful son of a BITCHES can Boo al you want.. But that won't change the fact that sooner or later, I'm going to win that Chaotic Title!

(Crowd Boo)

Mephisto :And then, after that.. Like I said to Zolea, like me or hate me.. You punks WILL.. RESPECT ME!

(Crowd Boo Loudly)

Mephisto :I don't care who I have to inject to get past for the Title.. If it means beating down on bald headed fools like The Freak Ryan Throne, then I WILL! If It means beating the crap out of pretty boy curly hair PUNKS like Clownz..then that is EXACTLY what I will do. You see boys, they don't call me the Lord of destruction around here because it sounds good.. Instead, its what I've EARNED myself! Over my hard years of PURE destruction.. It's what my name has become. And whether or not you young punks realise it or not.. I'M STILL HERE! Mephisto is still in present.. And boys, let me tell you.. That it's not long until I put you all to sleep. When I hit the "Your Soul Is Mine" on your ass, and make you my BITCH! For the Chaotic Title Holder who thinks hes something special.. Step up boy, and I'll knock you back down. I've done it for years.. And I'll continue.. To let your soul come with me.. And


Mephisto music hits once again, as the crowd lift up their booing a notch. Although, Mephisto just drops the microphone on the mat, and looks around the arena smiling in a sick way. He then climb sout of the ring by climbing over the top rope, and jumping down to the outsider off the appron. With people still yelling things at him as he walks past, The Lord Of Destruction ' Mephisto ' makes his way up the ramp, and behind the black curtains as the CCW cuts off to a commercial break.

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