A New Era?

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A New Era?

Post  Statik on Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:05 pm

--Camera shows Tracy with Statik--

Tracy: Statik, thank you again for this chance to interview you.

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- The pleasure is mine

Tracy: So statik, word is that noone accepted your challange. And it seems our GM is putting you in the ring with Mephisto. What are your thoughts on the response of your invitation?

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- Well, I would be lying if I didn't say it was a bit dishearting but I can also say I did expect such a response. If we can be honest, who am I? It's a lose lose situation for all these roster members to take me up on this challange. If they win, it was expected, if they lose, then they could be committing career suicide.

Tracy: So you were expecting your challange to fall on deaf ears?

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- In a matter of speaking, yes. The truth is, most of our talent her in the CWW is selfish and only looking for what can move them up in the rankings. Defeating me at this moment wouldn't do anything for anyone. So for now, I'll rely on our GM to supply me with matches until I gain enough exposure to validate my challange.

Tracy: So what are your thoughts on Mephisto?

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- Well Tracy, i'm not one to mix words. Mephisto is a worthy competitor, a real up and comer and it will be a great first victory for me.

Tracy: Wow, so you are garenteeing a victory.

Statik: --Distorted emotionless chuckle-- oh tracy, no. Guarenteeing victory is only done by individuals that need to trap themselves into believing they have no choice but to win. I myself don't need that drive, I have studied my opponent, and I know his weaknesses, and i will exploit them.

Tracy: Now you do understand that you are giving away your plan.

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- Tracy, I love your charisma. I'm not giving away anything that Mephisto shouldn't already know. And to add a fun change to the match, I want the crowd to tell me how to end it. When it's time, I'll look out to them, and see what they tell me. It's about the fans, so they should be just as involved in my match as the opponent is.

Tracy: wow, that is different

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- Well not completely but I think I put a unique spin on it.

Tracy: Well statik this was a wonderful interview, is there anything you'd like to say to the other members of the CWW?

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice--Actually yes. --Looking at the camera-- Don't misplace my kindness for weakness. I'm coming for each and every one of you. No title is safe and noone is exempt. You can be the leader of the stable or a pack mule, champion or jobber. I'm coming for you, all of you. --looking back at Tracy-- Tracy, as always, it has been a pleasure, and please come by again.

Tracy: Thank You statik

Statik: --Distorted emotionless voice-- Not a problem, now if you excuse me, I must begin to prepare myself.

Tracy: Of course, thank you again Statik

--Statik does a slight nod and then walks out of camera shot--

Tracy: Well there you have it folks, Statik, brimming with confidence, and coming for you all.

--Camera fades to black--


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