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Title shot? Empty Title shot?

Post  Tragedy on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:50 pm

**You see a camera showing Tracy walking up to Tragedy**

Tracy: : Tragedy, are you excited about your Title shot against the Rivals this sunday?

Tragedy: Not really

Tracy: : (confused) but you and scratch could bring gold back to the coven, doesn't that make you happy?

Tragedy: (glaring at Tracy) Do I look happy?

Tracy: : uh.... no

Tragedy: Then that should answer your question, I could care less if we are fighting for titles or for status, I just want to break some people in half. The Power was victim one, and I'm not going to stop there.

Tracy: : Well do you think you and scratch have a chance to upset the newly crowned champs?

Tragedy: (quickly getting upset) Listen Tracy, maybe you should do yourself a favor and ask the rivals if they believe they have a chance versus the most dangerous female in the CWW and a very pissed off scratch. Hell Scratch alone would destroy these two, i'm mearly there to hurt somebody. (quickly changing her body language as if a new thought has just came to mind) you know something Tracy?

Tracy: : what

Tragedy: Why don't you save these stupid questions for those that have time to waste, right now, I'm to busy doing nothing to be bothered with them. Good bye

(Tragedy turns and walks away)

Tracy: : wow, must be that time...

**Camera fades**


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