Just before the match, Mutantor is interviewed.

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Just before the match, Mutantor is interviewed. Empty Just before the match, Mutantor is interviewed.

Post  Mutantor on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:38 pm

-- Jacquilin is shown backstage with Mutantor standing next to her. His face is covered with dried bloodstains. --
Jacquilin: Hello Mutantor. What happened? An accident?
Mutantor: A rritual ... noone of your businesss !
Jacquilin: Oohkaayy, well let's talk about the match. What do you think about your new partner BillyRocks ?
Mutantor:I doont knoow him, I never heard oof him. He will not staand in my waay !
Jacquilin: Why should he ? What are you up to ?
Mutantor: Bloood !!!
Jacquilin: Blood ? Is it all just about blood ?
Mutantor: Noo.
-- Mutantor turns and starts scuffling towards the Hall entrance. --
Mutantor: It's alsoo about Deestrruction and Mayyheem !
Jacquilin:Well ... lets continue with the show.
-- The ring and the fans are shown. Most of them boo. --
Jessica : This guy is gross.
Adam : Maybe, but he's got a point. THIS could get interesting ...

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