the new champs--again--....

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the new champs--again--....

Post  123kid on Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:49 pm

--Blue, Gold, White lights circle in the crowd while the lights aboves the stage flash between the colors. Two spotlights are seen on opposite corners of the stage. "Headstrong" by Trapt begins playing over the speakers. After a few seconds of keeping the crowd wondering who is coming out since this song had not been heard before in the arena before; The Rivals run out on the stage, holding their tag belts high in the air as Xangel runs under the left spotlight and 1 2 3 Kid runs under the right spotlight. The crowd throw up their replica belts as they cheer along with their current Tag Team Champions. Xangel holds his belt above his head with both hands, yelling at the crowd. 1 2 3 Kid holds his up in his right hand up in the air as he slaps the front of it with his left hand. They meet in the middle, throwing their belts over their shoulder. They stop halfway down the ramp and look at the crowd with surprised faces as the point at the crowd then quickly turn around to the titantron, where fireworks went off on the stage, showing a display of multi-colored fireworks shooting up in the air. The crowd cheering as the display was a spectacular sight to see. When the crowd looks back from the stage The Rivals are already in the ring with microphones in hand.--

Xangel--Welcome to our second edition of The Rivals Corner.

1 2 3 Kid--We call it the second edition because last time we were not the tag champs. This time we are like we said we were going to do!

--The crowd cheers throwing up their replica belts again.--

Xangel--Yes! We see you have went and got you some of our belts to celebrate with us! Thank you! But we need to get down to a serious note here. We have come out here to say a few things. First off, Kid and I would like to thank our opponents at the pay-per-view for giving us a good match. You guys are definately are a lot better than those other things that cheated their way to a shot at the titles.

1 2 3 Kid--Yes, we are glad to have fought worthy opponents that could keep up with us. We look forward to having more matches with you in the future. Next, we apologize for not coming out last week, but we had to prepare extremely hard for our match against Korenwolf. This dude is a monster. Maybe we trained a little too hard and wore ourselves out a bit to fight against him, but man, that dude can wrestle. have given us a realization that we shouldn't get too hot headed. So we will definately want to wrestle against you in the future. So I want you all to give it up for our opponents at the pay-per-view for the good match and Korenwolf for making us better as wrestlers.

--The crowd applauds and small cheers are heard.--

Xangel--Now for this week. This is a message to our opponents this week. We hope that you are not some easy pushovers that will crumble before the awesomeness that is The Rivals! Just because we lost to one person last week, you shouldn't get high hopes that we have gone soft, but do keep in mind that we are more ready for anything now and are formulating a plan to show all of you against our match. Hopefully we will be able to do it and get ready to be amazed at the new moves we hope to pull out during our match later on this evening.

1 2 3 Kid--Yes, so to all of you in the crowd and watching at home, we have a surprised stored for you next week at the Rivals Corner. So we must go do final preparations for our match tonight. Thanks to everyone again that celebrated our second championship win.

--"Headstrong" plays again as the crowd cheers the exit of Xangel and 1 2 3 Kid to the backstage area--


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