The confrontation

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The confrontation Empty The confrontation

Post  Souless on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:34 am

* Camera fades in to The Unhinged's Locker room with Souless being surrounded by the other members *

Souless: Whats this all about? I just had an excroushating match. Why are you all surrounding me?

Masque: We want to know whats the deal?

Souless: What are you talking about?

Masque: You saved Korenwolf at the ppv.

Souless: You want to talk about the PPV? How about the fact that you, YOU let me get pinned to wear the diaper? Where was you?

Masque: Don't turn this on me. We had a job and a plan. You wanted to do your own and think about only yourself.

*Souless begins to walk away*

Masque: Don't you walk away!! Get back here!! We are not done!!!

*Souless disappears off screen*

Masque: This is not over yet. There is some hell to be paid. We got some planning to do.

*camera fades*


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