The Power and the Sumo?

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The Power and the Sumo? Empty The Power and the Sumo?

Post  power on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:53 pm

The camera focuses in a small dressing room Back stage

Mr. War - (Speaking from behind a door)- "Yes Power this is completely nessesary! We have our first title shot and need to start thinking about the future. These are time teseted images and people will appreciate us paying homage to them, in this our first step toward greatness!"

Mr. War steps out of the door dressed in a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. He sports a bowler style hat on his head, and has a ritzy looking cane in his right had. A poor looking fumancho mustache is obviously glued to his upper lip.

Mr. War - "Come on now power lets GO!"

The Power Steps out his head is adorned w/ a chonmage wig. He is dressed only in a kesho-mawashi with strech shorts underneth.

Mr. War - "Well I wish we had more time so you could have put on some weight to fill out that diper, err kesho-mawashi more, but this will do, come on Yokozuna lets see your horse stance!"

The Power pauses rolls his eyes then kicks one leg out to the side then the other broadening his stance and bringing his arms at rest to his sides in a defensive postion

Mr. War - "Oh very nice I almost forgot."

Mr. War grabs 2 dixie cups and pours sparkling grape juice into them

Mr. War - "To victory!"

Both men consume the libations, then look at the camera

Mr. War - "You can have FAITH in that!"

Credit to Korenwolf for the rp idea


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The Power and the Sumo? Empty Re: The Power and the Sumo?

Post  Statik on Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:57 pm



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