Its a celebration!

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Its a celebration! Empty Its a celebration!

Post  Pauk-O on Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:43 pm

Jaquilin walks into the Faith locker room after the Bish's match at New Years Brutality. There's champagne everywhere and the floor is almost too slick to walk on. Bish, with his new Chaotic title belt, Pauk-O with his briefcase, and CV Boy are standing in the middle of the room holding drinks in the air.

Pauk-O: Here's to Bish and his title, me and my case, and CV. Champagne for real friends and real pain for sham friends! TO THE FAITH!!!

They all raise their glasses and drink.

Jaquilin: Guys, congrats!

Pauk-O: Jackie!!! Please, come in and have a drink, it's a celebration!!!

Jaquilin: Thanks, but...

Pauk-O: No way, no buts. CV, hand me a cup. *Pauk-O pours Jaquilin a drink* I told you this would be a good night for the Faith!!!

Jaquilin: *takes the drink* You were right. Cheers. *drinks* So, Pauk, you have an unknown title shot in that briefcase. what are you going to do if it's a Chaotic title shot?

Pauk-O: That Jackie, is a question for another day. But i think you and everyone knows what i'm going to do if that happens. In the mean time, talk to Bish. He's the hero tonight!!!

Jaquilin: Okay, Bish, how does it feel to beat Scratch and win your first ever championship in Chaotic Wave Wrestling?

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Its a celebration! Empty Re: Its a celebration!

Post  The_Bish on Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:05 am

The Bish: Beating Itchy was only to be expected. My victory was not my victory alone. Tonight a great victory has been won. One step closer to the realization of the ultimate goal. Tonight yet another lost soul has been taught a small lesson, and the realization of the wishes of the all mighty are coming to fruition.

*The Bish holds his cross covered challis in the air*

The Bish: Here's to the victories past and present. To the successes to come, and those that have gone. To my brothers, and the loyal followers of the faith. To our enemies whom we shall teach the errors of their ways, and to the sins left to be washed away. Here's to the inevitable change that will come, and to the change that will come when its least expected. But most of all TO THE FAITH!!!!!

*The group looks a little confused but raises their glasses and drinks nonetheless*


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